Looking For A Profitable Domain Name?
You Found It!

WetCW.com is Now For Sale!!

“Wet car wax, Wet car wash web shop or something else that you can think of like that… I’ll leave it to your imagination.. 🙂

I’m going to keep this short and sweet!
Recently I have been eyeballing a domain name and started researching it’s profit potential in certain marketplaces.
First, I noticed that it already had an Appraised Value of $23,019.48 By FreeValuator.com

Second, I was thinking of what could be done with the website to make this domain worth even MORE than the appraisal in a few months. The obvious choice would be to setup an webshop/shopify with car waxes or something else that you can think of like that… I’ll leave it to your imagination.. 🙂  Or go the other direction and this could be your BRANDNAME for Ecomm products.

Then you just include advertisements, adsense, CPA Links or Amazon affiliate links and such to monetize your sight also.  People are making TONS of money with websites like this,  and you would own a GREAT DOMAIN NAME for that type of stuff.

Third, I was that it was a small 5 character Dot Com which is VERY HARD to find these days. Heck, even if one resold “AS IS” they could potentially get thousands for it if they marketed it correctly!

Resell It, Buy Something Fun!

Recently in the last few days, I have had many of you ask me how I found that name and how much I would be willing to sell it for. Well…. My research tools are secret for now, but after careful debate  I am willing to offer up this domain 48 hours ONLY way BELOW the appraised value of $23,019.48

The starting price of this PREMIUM Domain will be  $4499…

And just a warning…. As time passes the price will INCREASE so the earlier you decide to buy the lower the price because the next time you return to this page the price most likely will be HIGHER!

So there you go, get it while the price is low and as this will only be offered for the next 48 hours, the price will go UP as every hour passes until the 48 hours are up, at which point I will start building and monetizing the website and then put it on the market again for 10 times what the price is now.

So Grab it while the price is low! Resell it for a profit as is, or Build it up and Flip it!

The Choice is Yours! And the Price is RIGHT! Click the Button Below to Grab this great domain before someone else does and before the price goes up!

But remember this is just a 48 hour sale, it may not be available when you return to this page!